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From the perspective of a smooth flight it is very important that already when booking the flight the airline would get the information regarding the special needs of the passenger both during the flight as well as in the airports to be visited. Inform the airline in time in case:
• You need special assistance with the luggage
• You need special assistance for getting into the plane or into the passenger terminal from the plane
• In case you use a battery-powered wheelchair
• You have a hearing disability and you require personal information
• You are travelling with a guide dog
• You use use a mobile oxygen tent

In case you use a battery-powered wheelchair, we ask you to make sure that the batteries would be in order. At the same time it would be necessary that you could or, if necessary, you are able to instruct the disassembling or folding of the wheelchair if that is necessary for transporting the wheelchair. Airlines have different rules regarding the weight of the wheelchairs to be accepted on board, therefore you should ask for additional information from your airline beforehand.

In case you need an oxygen device, please inform the airline in time regarding the type of the used device. Most of the airlines accept on the flight devices that the passenger can use during the flight. 

In case you plan to fly with various airlines and types of planes, then already when booking the flights try to find out whether the devices, batteries and other equipment that you use are accepted by all the airlines whose services you are planning to use. 

When arriving at the airport immediately contact the employees of the check-in of the respective airline and make sure that the airline has registered all your needs, of which you have informed when booking the flights. 


Passengers with reduced mobility can inform the airport of their arrival and request help on phone +372 463 1381.


Good to know!
The distances between the gates intended for boarding can be quite long in the passenger terminals of various airports, therefore take enough time for catching your flight!